Omnigraph Action Button not working

Was following this tutorial here: OmniGraph: Real-time Procedural Graph Engine for USD | NVIDIA On-Demand

In the video there’s a demo on using a Action UI button, but I can’t get it to show.

This is how I set up:

Noticed the ‘teardown’ attribute is missing.

Is this feature available? Here’s my app version:

Hello again @qazs! I chatted with Seth Freeman and got an update for the tutorial!

Yes, the UI node workflow has changed a little. This sets up the viewport for UI, and creates the button when OmniGraph plays. When its stopped, it sets the viewport back to its default setup.

This is how you’d do the UI part:

  1. Create 2 OnStageEvent Nodes
    Event > On Stage Event

    • on_stage_event_01
    • oon_stage_event_02
  2. Set OnStageEvent Parameters

    • Set on_stage_event_01.eventName to ‘Omnigraph Start Play’
    • Set on_stage_event_02.eventName to ‘Omnigraph Stop Play’
  3. Create 2 SetViewportMode nodes
    Ui (BETA) > Set Viewport Mode (BETA)

    • set_viewport_mode_01
    • set_viewport_mode_02
  4. Set SetViewportMode Parameters

    • Set set_viewport_mode_01.mode to ‘Scripted’
    • Set set_viewport_mode_01.enabledPicking to True
    • Set set_viewport_mode_02.mode to ‘Default’
    • Connect on_stage_event_01.exectOut → set_viewport_mode_01.execIn
    • Connect on_stage_event_02.exectOut → set_viewport_mode_02.execIn
  5. Create Button Node
    Ui (BETA) > Button (BETA)

    • Connect set_viewport_mode_01.scriptedMode → button.create
    • Connect set_viewport_mode_01.widgetPath → button.parentWidgetPath
    • Set button.text to 'Light Toggle"
    • Set button.widgetIdentifier to “LightSwitch”

Thanks for the detailed implementation guide, this works! Hope there can be more documentations and tutorials on the Omnigraph nodes

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