Graph Editor

Is it planed “or maybe available soon” to accelerate the Node development for Graph Editor with simple things like :

  • by right clicking on a Node inside CODE/Graph Editor, we could reach its code ?
  • with a video tutorial that shows how to proceed from A to Z ?
  • a library of essential nodes like those we find in others tools that generally covers Categories like at minimum Basic Categorie of nodes (as we have already today for logic, event, inputs … but with a lot more nodes) and others Categories like for Values (Variables, Array, Math, …) ; Data (Camera, Scene, Prim, …); Motion (Animation, Physics,…); Graphics (Render, …); Sound; … for example ?

Hi @didjich! Really appreciate your input here! We have very big plans for Code & Graph Editor! I’ve reached out to the team on the specific features you mentioned here.

Tutorials! Yes! The team is working on several tutorials for Omniverse Code. It is really important that we hear from you about what would help you the most! I’ve put as specific request for more tutorials regarding Code/Graph Editor. Take a look at our latest getting started guide here:

We also have several node functionalities that we will be introducing to our Graph Editor very soon!
Our Graph Editor Node documentation could be friendlier to people trying to learn how to use it. I reached out to the team about improving this!

If you have anything else that you would like to suggest, as far as the Graph Editor, please let me know.

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Hi @didjich ,

There are two pieces here wrt graph. There is the Kit UI side, which are the UI widgets available to make any kind of graph front end. Omniverse Code would contain examples for that.

The other piece is what we call OmniGraph. OmniGraph is the core runtime execution engine of Omniverse, and it is a graph. To be more precise, it is a graph of graphs, encompassing things like the Particle graph, Action graph (UE Blueprint like event graph), and more graphs in the future like deformer graphs as it becomes ready. In the near future, we will make available an alpha of the particles and action graphs. We would provide a node library as you are describing above, and provide tutorials both on the use of the graph editor (which is built on the graph UI widgets described above), and how to create nodes into this system. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for the links and answers @WendyGram and @omnigraph !
As a newbe in Omniverse, I didn’t already explore enough those OGN guides that seems ok for me.

But there is a lot to explore and to become familiar at first and my remark is rather that as you have the objective of accelerating the handling and facilitating the development, what facilitates greatly is to have for example a set of specific nodes where to explore the code and get inspired, with each node representative and limited to a specific problem/ domain/ technical solution.

Thus it’s also useful to easily find and open the adhoc source code (as what you have done with the extensions with the direct access to code and folders, very practical, even with our own extensions in development)

The essentiel is to have a way de visualise all the possibilities d’Omniverse and to have a base of reference to implement ideas of application, by not missing the exploitation of the important potential of Omniverse without drowning in a huge lake of data.

A dream would be to have in the code editor when we start some code, to see popup with portions of code accompanied by a help comment, which we could decide to incorporate into our code.

Hi @didjich , thank you for the feedback. Your points are well taken, and it is the direction we are headed, though it will take some time to fully “get there”. We should be making substantial amount of progress already with the next release, having a set of nodes that you can put down directly - so in a sense a bit more “batteries included”. As we progress, more nodes and node libraries will be added, and these need to properly documented with use cases and so on.

We already do with node writing auto-generate some sample code with each node, along with comments, so that the user can just uncomment the example code to get started.

Please do continue to work with us and give us feedback as we progress - much appreciated!

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Hi, testing node creation, something seems strange with the update of the outputs …
Look here using the node_tutorial1 …

and in reality the sphere is

for this
the second node o_abs is false also, but

and what is strange, the last node has the good values


It seems that there is problem of synchro in the graph ?

a remark too, it seems there is not a OGN Flag in the forum.