Omnigraph Docs and Help?


I’m looking for more documentation about Omnigraph and the ActionGraph behaviors. I’ve read the available docs here:

Unfortunately, it feels rather incomplete. For example, I was unable to find any overviews describing how Bundles work, why I might want to use them, or what their behaviors are.

I’m having a problem where when I update the rotation of a Prim on a referenced stage nothing happens. I’ve tried to work around this by adding a Action graph to the referenced Layer, but now I get all kinds of update weirdness where it looks like the Prim is picking up garbage values from somewhere.

The included examples are all fairly trivial and don’t seem to show any interactions spanning multiple Layers. Does anyone know where I might find examples that do so?

Hi @estee. Welcome to the forums! We’re in the process of moving our developer docs. You can find more info by searching for omnigraph here: Omniverse Kit Documentation Search

Let’s take this one step at a time. Can you create new topics for the other questions that you have? It’ll be easier to follow the conversation and for others to find these answers if we keep each topic focused. Thank you!

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Hey, so I’ve been trying to use those docs and most of the links I click on are dead. They just take me to the root of the docs search. I’m trying to read these docs. OmniGraph How-To Guide — omni.graph.core 2.81.1 documentation

Did they used to point somewhere or are docs still being written?

Hi @estee. Just catching up from the holidays. They’re written, but currently inaccessible. The dev team is working on fixing it. I’ll let you know as soon as the tutorials are up again. Logged OM-77415 to track it.

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@estee OmniGraph docs are back up. They will likely move in the near future so if you create any bookmarks, you’ll need to update them then.

Thanks for the heads up!

On a related note, I don’t know if you can do anything about it in the short term, but a link forwarder would help keep old links live. There’s a lot out on the web that now references stale doc links. As a developer trying to navigate this platform, that’s been a core source of frustration.