How do I embed one graph within another?

The graph documentation makes references to embedding a graph as a subgraph within a parent graph but I can find any way to do this.

Is there an example anywhere of graphs containing graphs?

My graphs are getting really large and have become very cumbersome to maintain as a consequence. I’d like to be able to create subgraphs that I can reference in other graphs.

Hi @estee. We did have subgraphs for Action Graph, but they’ve been deprecated. The team is working on something new and better. If you can point me to where you saw that subgraphs mention in the docs, I can get the team to update that.

Search for “graph of graphs”, it’s a section heading here:

OmniGraph Architecture — kit-sdk 105.0 documentation (

Thank you. The Omnigraph team has already updated the docs and it will be available in the next release.

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