Documentation of omni.ui on web is not redirected to a newer version

I recently explored docs on omni.ui. I opened a dozen of tabs and left them intact. In one week they all render as unavailable with an error message, like:

404 Not Found

  • Code: NoSuchKey
  • Message: The specified key does not exist.
  • Key: kit/docs/omni.ui/2.15.4/omni.ui.html
  • RequestId: ZTNJJHE6YYJN7J4K
  • HostId: YYSIhVV3NDWlsQoAVbHzV7EeMwosnGCQR8TbAs9IS/4MMLONqZ5XC9webZq8IcvOB7JOIPfVC4g=

For example, I had a URL opened
With a new release, version 2.15.4 become obsolete and page opens no more.
I have to manually try URL - it does not open.
Then I tried URL omni.ui — omni.ui 2.15.6 documentation - hooray, it works.
Is it possible to create a redirection, so that older documentation web pages are redirected to the latest available version?
Thank you

This is incredibly annoying, and happens all the time. An answer would be nice.

as another user, i too come across inconvenience from time to time, especially if i were to just search on Google. my personal experience is that it’s often more reliable when looking through docs via the official documentation page since they update the docs from time to time.

here’s the most recent omni.ui page for version 2.25.9, for example: Overview — Omniverse Kit 2.25.9 documentation

if you have the time for it, you can always submit broken links through their bug reports - Documentation Fix Request — Omniverse Developer Guide latest documentation

Yes we appolgize that sometimes are documentation is changing and updating so fast that we have broken links. The best thing to do is always return to the root home page at Omniverse Kit Documentation Search and start fresh. If you do find a 404 please let me know here or report it directly at Documentation Fix Request — Omniverse Developer Guide latest documentation

With all due respect (I am a big Nvidia fan), we are all programmers and we know that broken links can be found with a simple script, and this is part of any well-designed documentation check-in process.

Fast changing documentation isn’t really an excuse.

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