Modulus Documentation Website Down

Yesterday I noticed that the documentation website for Modulus was slow. Yesterday afternoon I received a response stating that “Page Not Found” and “This page no longer exists. It is a non-supported format.” When will the webpage be back up?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have the team looking into this now.
I will post updates her when I have new information.


Hi @tstone

We have been moving the docs site to a new system. Apologies for the confusion. The Modulus docs is live here with the 22.09 docs here.

If you can let me know where the URL you were using was from please let me know so I can get the team to update it. Thanks!

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Great, thank you for the update. here is the link to the old site

Hi @tstone

Great thanks, do you know where you got this link from? (e.g. Nvidia DevZone, Somewhere on Gitlab, Blog post, etc?). No worries if you don’t, just trying to prevent other users having the same problem.

Thanks again!


I had this book marked and would usually reference it. I also did a search with google and the old link was one of the top pages that came up (I am there isn’t much that can be done with that). Lastly, i went to nvidia documentation page and searched for Modulus and that page came up[]=Technical%20Documentation&page=1&sort=relevance&term=Modulus

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Great thanks for the extra info. I appreciate it!

It looks like the new documentation is incomplete. I’m not seeing anything like the user-guide from the “old modulus” that covers stuff like installation, setup, and hardware/driver requirements. Should I install and run the old 22.09, i.e. is this new open-source refactoring not yet ready for use? I’m running into a number of dead links on google and am unsure as to what would be the best path for a company looking to start using modulus.

– Manufacturing Data Scientist looking to start our Modulus journey


Is it possible to keep the v22.09 documentation at least for a while?

Cos we’re still using v22.09 and we would like to finish our project before upgrading. Hence, we still need to refer to the v22.09 documentation.


Hi @tsltaywb

Previous version of docs is still accessible already. Thanks.

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