BUG: Read Prim Properties doesn't work between OmniGraph nodes

I can read other prim attributes, but if an ActionGraph writes to its own attributes, those updates won’t be reflected in a way that is readable by other ActionGraphs.

I’ve tried various combinations of readUSD/writeUSD. I’ve tried using the variables. I’ve tried reloading the stage. I’ve tried chaining different sequences of Custom Events.

Nothing works. I gave up and am passing data between graphs using Custom Events (which has its own separate problems due to bugs in the Bundle nodes).

I get that the Fabric Storage and the USD storage are separate, but for the life of me I can’t get data to pass between graphs using writes.

Hi @estee. I’m looking at this post and these other related ones:

I’m going to reach out to you on Discord. I think it’d be easier to understand what you’re trying to build better answer these.

I reached out to you on Discord. Sorry for the latency, I don’t usually monitor it during the week.

Have you gained any more insights on this? I too am struggling to get multiple action graphs to communicate with each other