What is the purpose of BundleConstructor?


I’m writing a custom Ogn node that takes an arbitrary number of user defined inputs in 3 separate categories. (Think three “JSON objects” passed to a function block.) It seems like the omni.graph.core.Bundle datatype would be the most appropriate one to use for this, however when I look at the code for various Bundle nodes their usage is confusing.

BundleConstructor will construct a bundle (or at least it will after I figured out that “dynamic input” means an attribute with a name prefixed by input: which wasn’t at all clear from the description or the docs) however, it will not copy the input values to the resulting output bundle.

It just produces a bundle with the input: prefix stripped and default values. I’m looking at the code and I don’t see any way for this to happen. Did someone forget to write the value copies or is there some other usage pattern or intended use case for Bundles that I’m missing?

I’d like to let a user define a collection of input values within the Graph editor from within ISAAC or other omniverse apps. What is the best way to do this?

I hope the answer isn’t the Insert Attribute node, because it is very cumbersome to use in practice. Especially for bundles with a large number of attributes.


Hi @estee. Checking with the dev team on this.

Let’s sync up on this. See linked issue.