Bug in OmniGraph when using WritePrimAttribute node

I found 2 related bugs/strange behaviours in my OmniGraph.

In my OmniGraph I try to update a custom property of a prim with the node WritePrimAttribute of SceneGraph, but the value of this node is <unresolved any> and if I try to read this property from the prim using python it always return the same value independently from the input to this node.

Problem 1
If I delete and the create again the link between the node that compute the value and the WritePrimAttribute, then the WritePrimAttribute starts to work and it shows me the correct value. But if I save the file, close it and reopen it, the problem appears again.

Problem 2
If I delete the Make3Vector node that is not used (it receives the input but its output is not used) then the WritePrimAttribute starts to work, even if I save the file, close it and reopen it. The problem is that I need that node because I have to write another property that is a vector.

I upload a video to show what I just explained and the USD file I used in the video.

bug.usd (7.9 KB)

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We saw that the problem was originated by the Make_3_vector node in which we erroneously passed both double and float values. by consistently passing only doubles, i.e. with a Constant double, everything worked again.

Shouldn’t this raise an error or at least a warning in case of casting?

In terms of reading the value using Python, I would read the value from the prim/attribute that is being written to instead of from the node that is doing the writing.

Could one of you make a separate topic for the Make 3 Vector?

I created it: Make 3-Vector node breaks ActionGraph.

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