Make 3-Vector node breaks ActionGraph

This is related to Bug in OmniGraph when using WritePrimAttribute node.

When using the Make 3-Vector node in ActionGraph with wrong types (some inputs are float and some inputs are double), the ActionGraph stop working even if no warning/error are raised.

In particular if I use a Write Prim Attribute, the parameter value is <unresolved any>. If I delete the link and recreate it, the node starts to work, but if then I save and reopen the file the problem appear again.

I upload an example:
test.usd (31.4 KB)

Thanks for logging this @federico.domeniconi. Let me check with the dev team.

Hi Federico.

The problem in your stage is one of mixing precisions, namely taking the time since start output of your tick node, which is a double, and multiplying it by a float. The multiply node outputs a double, which is then being fed into your “my_attr” value, which is expecting a float.

The current version of Create/Composer does not automatically convert types, so the best practice is to add (in this case) a “To Float” node to match the expected input of your write attribute node.

I am not sure what attribute you were inputting with the make vector node, but I suspect a similar thing is happening. When mixing types, use a “To ” conversion node before the value input.

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