[BUG] Ghost nodes after changing input type in action graphs

Editing the input types in the .ogn of nodes causes any instances of said node to disappear from the action graph visual editor. Deleting the old nodes from the stage, and replacing them does not resolve the error message. I.E. the error message persists even though the afflicted nodes have been deleted.

[Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] GraphContext::createInputsAndOutputs() - Node “/path/to/node” of type “extension.NodeName” requires input attribute “inputs:Inputname” to be of type “new type” instead of type “old type”.

Hi @jenan19 - The error message you’re seeing indicates that there’s a mismatch between the expected input type and the actual input type for a node in your action graph. This can happen when you change the input types in the .ogn file of a node, but the instances of that node in your action graph still use the old input types.

Here are some steps you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Update the Action Graph: After changing the input types in the .ogn file, you’ll need to update your action graph to use the new input types. This might involve deleting the old nodes and adding new ones, or it might involve changing the inputs to the existing nodes.
  2. Check for Old Instances: The error message suggests that there might still be instances of the old nodes in your action graph. Make sure that you’ve deleted all instances of the old nodes, not just the ones on the stage.
  3. Restart Isaac Sim: Sometimes, changes to the .ogn files might not be picked up until you restart Isaac Sim. Try closing and reopening Isaac Sim to see if that resolves the issue.
  4. Check the .ogn File: Make sure that the changes you made to the .ogn file are correct. The new input types should match the types expected by the node’s implementation.

I triple checked the ogn. file. The only resolution is deleting the action graph or the entire project and starting over. This error persists even after deleting all nodes in an action graph. IE the action graph is saved as empty and Isaac is restarted but throws the same error.