ActionGraphs no longer load in editor after adding custom node and saving

I’m trying to develop a custom OmniGraph node. I’ve made a distance into this, but suddenly, after saving a graph with my node in it, I can no longer open the editor. My only clue, is the following error in the console:

2023-01-10 03:15:15 [Warning] [omni.graph.core.plugin] Stage contains OmniGraph ‘/root/ActionGraph’ using schema prims but schema prims are disabled. To enable the graph turn on the ‘/persistent/omnigraph/useSchemaPrims’ setting and reload the stage.

I have no idea where this setting is or how I might change it. Searching on the web doesn’t return any hits.

Hi there,
Try disabling the measure extension or go to Edit → Preferences and check these 2 in the “Visual Scripting” section and then reload your stage.
This preference may uncheck itself, so if you go this route, it is possible that you may have to go back there in a new session until a fix has been released.

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Hi, we have internal reports of problems with Create 2022.3.3-beta.19 onwards with this particular issue. It is due to the measure extension forcing the above global settings to incompatible configurations. The fix is on the way, but in the mean time you could try disabling the measure extension as a work-around.

Your post came earlier than internal reports, though - which might indicate a different source of the problem. We don’t currently have an easy way to reset settings to factory defaults (working on that), so it’s possible you have stale settings left over from very old versions of Create. Try to clear the settings here, and then restart Create.


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