Unable to edit existing Action Graph in Create 3.1

I used Create 3.0 to create (dumb tautology) my usd scene. The scene comprises of several meshes, cameras, Xforms, a curve from Xforms and an action graph.
Today I’ve upgraded Create to 3.1 I tried to open my usda file. It opens it (nice).
Then I navigated to Action Graph tab and clicked that large button ‘Edit Action Graph’, and Create says that ‘No Graphs Found’. But there is an action graph named CameraMotionGraph.

I’m really disappointed with this.

The usda schene (jumping_ball.usda) is available at this gdrive link.

Can someone please advise on this bug rolling from release to release?

Do you see any message in your console that looks like:

2023-01-10 03:15:15 [Warning] [omni.graph.core.plugin] Stage contains OmniGraph ‘/root/ActionGraph’ using schema prims but schema prims are disabled. To enable the graph turn on the ‘/persistent/omnigraph/useSchemaPrims’ setting and reload the stage.

I am running into a problem which has the same symptoms you are experiencing.

I found a preference in the Preferences tab called “Create OmniGraph prims using the schema”, I needed to enable it to get my graphs to load. Not sure if this will help you, but it might be worth a try.