Inconsistent (?) scene's state after adding/removing prims in layers

I use Create 2022.3.0
After some manipulations with creating objects (meshes, curves, paths) in several layers and then deleting them I’ve ended with a scene where clicking on the PushGraph’s nodes triggers red logging lines on the Console.


Logged error is:
[Error] [omni.ui.python] AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get_attribute’
[Error] [omni.ui.python]
[Error] [omni.ui.python] At:
[Error] [omni.ui.python] c:\nvidia_ov\pkg\create-2022.3.0\extscache\omni.anim.motion_path-104.1.7+104.0\omni\anim\motion_path\scripts\ build_items
[Error] [omni.ui.python] c:\nvidia_ov\pkg\create-2022.3.0\kit\exts\\omni\kit\window\property\templates\ _build_frame
[Error] [omni.ui.python]

Hi @Mykola-777. I’ve moved this to the Create forum. Could you please provide a log for this issue? How to Report an issue with Omniverse

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