Create stops rendering some nodes until any property is changed


we have a problem with Create (our our connector, but I think the problem is in Create).

We´ve written a connector for omniverse that syncs the configuration state of a product that is configured within our product configurator to usd. That worked fine all the time… but now we have some strange effect…

When opening the scene the first time everything is correct

But after changing something (for example the material in this case), some nodes suddenly disappear…

What is interesting here:

  • The only changes are to the meterial… the structure of the scene graph has not changed
  • Changing any paramter on the invisible nodes (for example “kind”) forces the Create to render the node again
  • Reloading the layer results in a correct rendering too, so I think that indicates that out connector builds the scene graph in a correct way

I`ve exported two scenes (one that renders correct and one with missing / invisible nodes) as usda and compared them… the only changes are the changed material…
SofaFalsch.usda (155.0 KB)
SofaCorrect.usda (155.0 KB)

Can anyone help with this?



in the meantime I`ve got some more details.

I seems to not be related to our connector. I can reproduce the problem / bug in create too.

The sceen graph looks something like this…

Node 1

  • Node 1/1
    – Node 1/1/1
  • Node 1/2
    – Node 1/2/1
    – Node 1/2/2

“1/1/1”, “1/2/1” and “1/2/1” are referencing the same geometry and material.
“1/1” and “1/2” does not have a material assigned.

Some times “1/1/1” suddenly disappears. When changing any attribute it is rendered again.

When assigning “1/1” the same material as on “1/1/1”, “1/1” appears again, but now “1/2/1” and “1/2/2” disappear!

I think this is a bug, because I can´t really see any specials here.

Really need help on this… in the moment this is a show stopper for us.

Thanks you very much.


One more info: The problem is related to instancing. When we build the scene graph, our connector marks the geometries as instanceable. When we do not make them instanceable it works like expected.