Omniverse Create unusable after importing Blender exported usdc format (fixed w/2022.1.1 update)


While trying to valid a workflow from Blender to Omniverse create with a sample scene… I notice that
when imported a scene from Blender via the connector add-on, importing the exported USD into Create
would make the application unusable.

This seems to happen no matter the what file I export from Blender; Be it the sample or an empty file.
I have provide a zip of the sample project (packed blend), the export empty scene (usdc), exported sample file (usdc). and my log file. A video file also showing what has been occurring can be found here on Youtube.

Omniverse Create 2022.1.0
Blender 3.1 USD 3.1.0-usd.100.1.10

Windows 10 - 21H1 (19043.1586)
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core Processor @ 4.5
128 GB (128 GB usable)
x2 EVGA FTW ULTRA 3090 NVLINK (SD - 512.15)
Content/Cache Drives - Samsung980 PRO & WD SN850

I use the Blender version provided by the Omniverse and don’t have the issue.


This happen with any version I use…including the one provided by Omniverse. I should be clear that this happens
both with exports from the add-on (which produce the binary version of the export USDC) and also when exporting via the blender export menu (which exports a USD). Seems that I also get better result importing the latter rater then the former.

I provided a video and samples of my issue; are you saying you don’t have these issues at all? Also are you using the latest studio drivers? I am not ruling out that this is maybe a configuration issue and less of a software issue…but as of now…the issue for me is reproducible

Some other things I did mention in my first post: I am running the 3090s in NVLINK configuration on a 4K monitor at 120hrz. Resizebar is enabled in the bios.

Everything is kind of smooth for me except glass materials and some normal issues so I can’t relate to this.

I use 472.84 and I have no idea if it’s the latest or not.

Let me try the sample files.

I do have these warnings in my Create.

You may also want to replicate the material graphs in Create in order to make it look like the one from Blender.


This is not related to the material setup…exporting an empty file also cause this issue for me. This is only happening in the create application. When loading the same files into Machinima, this does not happen…also create a scene with model download from the assets tab via sketchfab does not cause this issue as well.

After release of 2022.1.1, this is no longer happening…files now load properly.

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