Blender import usd not importing materials


Any timeline for when Blender will be an official connecter? I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I cannot get Blender to import the materials from other usd sources and I was wondering if there is a work around.

Basically I have taken unreal projects, used omniverse to bring them into Create. Then exported usd and fbx files to try and open in Blender.

Blender opens the geometry no problem, but all of the materials are empty.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @michalex19! We partnered with the Blender team to create a special application connector which is available now (Alpha Branch). If you haven’t already, you can download the Blender for Omniverse app by opening the Omniverse Launcher > Exchange > Apps > Blender 3.0 Alpha USD Branch

The goal is to eventually move to a proper Blender Connector, but this allows blender users to have solid import/export capabilities with Omniverse.

Let me know if this information helps answer your questions!