Blender 4.0 Alpha USD [Omniverse Version] - Several things not working correctly

Several things are not working as they were in Blender 3.1,

  1. The Omniverse ‘Convert Material to’ option is blank even after selecting the material, in the Omni Panel [where it should show ‘Omni PBR’ && ‘Omni Glass’].
  2. The Omniverse Menu is missing in the Shader Node editing Workspace.
  3. While trying to bake the materials, it is not baking, instead its resulting in an error.
  4. Omni PBR node is nowhere to be found in blender Shader Node Editor.
  5. Exporting with baked textures which are in memory and not saved yet should work as normal, but after exported, the textures are empty in MDL Material Editor in USD Composer. Hence resulting in a Light blue Mesh. [Guess - Caused by the broken exported .png texture files, they wont open up in photo viewer. However the textures are perfect if you are using an already saved texture file from somewhere. Then it is exported to the drive properly.] [The issue might be related to ‘Drive’ not letting save anything in it rather than USD, so the png file, and anything else like .blend files once saved in the drive, getting corrupted and not re-usable.]

Optional - You should really think about bringing in the Texture Co-ordinates and the Mapping nodes to convert into MDL Shader. Lots of effects are achievable with these two.

Snaps below…

Wanted to post other pictures, but apparently new users can only post 1 embedded media… :D

Thanks and Regards,
Amit Kr. Das

Hi @amitkrdas17. Thanks for reporting these issues!

Some of these changes are expected with the latest version of the Universal Material Mapper (UMM) add-on. Specifically, creating templates for OmniPBR and OmniGlass conversion is no longer required, as UMM can now convert a much wider range of shader nodes and networks.

Please see the docs re UMM, if you haven’t already:

The Convert Material to option is no longer needed and it was left in the UI by mistake. This option has now been removed and will no longer appear in the next release.

The Omniverse Menu and OmniPBR node are no longer needed, for the same reason.

The error baking making materials was indeed a bug and has been fixed for the next release. Again, thank you for reporting this!

I was not able to reproduce the issue exporting in-memory textures after baking. If there is an example that reproduces the problem consistently, perhaps you could share it with us so we can debug. Please feel free to to direct-message me if you want to share any examples.

Let us know if you have other questions.

@amitkrdas17 As an update, the baking error should now be fixed in the latest point release v4.0.0-usd.201.1on the launcher. Please let us know if you notice other issues.