Blender 4.0.0 Alpha v201.1 Released on the Launcher

A new Blender Alpha point release is now on the Omniverse Launcher. Changes in this release include:

  • Updated Client and USD Resolver libraries.
  • Omniverse Panel: Fix to material baking error.
  • Omniverse Panel: Removed obsolete Convert Material section.
  • UMM: Added support for importing UsdShade NodeGraphs into Blender as Groups.
  • UMM: Improved the method used for converting connections between material networks.
  • UMM: Support for converting UsdShade NodeGroups to UMM Ex groups in usdutils.
  • UMM: Support for exporting and importing Frames/Backdrops to from UsdShade.
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Settings regularly reset despite saving preferences, addons, and keybinds. I can’t work like this.

Hi @sergeikdi. Can you explain when this happens? Do you mean, you lose these settings when you first install a new version from the launcher, or at other times?

I still can’t get anything to bake. After a few minutes, I kill Blender because it seriously can’t take that long to bake a few musgrave textures.

Also, I double checked my hierarchy and all scaling is set to 1.0 yet the model comes into Omniverse at 10% the size. I think it’s been like this since the summer…

Hi @EDRobert.

Is there any chance you can provide .blend files that exhibit these two issues, so we can debug?

Please feel free to message me directly to provide the files, if you prefer. But I understand that sharing the files might not be possible.