New Release: Blender 3.4.0 alpha v101 on Launcher!

Omniverse Community,

We are excited to announce our new release of Blender is on the Omniverse Launcher. This is based on the Blender 3.4 alpha USD branch and features support for Blend shape Import and Export to USD and UsdSkel Import and Improvements to Export. Take animations directly from Audio2Face into Blender. And work in Blender and export UsdSkel into Create or other Omniverse applications.



  • Import USD skeletons (UsdSkel) as Blender armatures with animations. (OM-57781)

  • Import USD blend shapes as Blender shape keys. (OM-56287)

  • Export Blender shape keys as USD blend shapes. (OM-39725)

  • Now enabling the Fix Skel Root USD export option by default.

Please read the full Release Notes.


We appreciate the Community feedback and want to hear more about how you are using Blender in Omniverse workflows.

Upcoming we are working on a Blender connector with Nucleus support and Live workflows, and some Omniverse scene optimization tools in Blender for large scenes.

Thank you!