Blender 3.1.0 alpha on Launcher!

Hey everyone!

We have a new version of Blender up on the launcher. This is based on Blender 3.1 alpha and includes many bug fixes and a few new features for the USD import and export pipeline!

Major Feature

We now have armature export! You now can export armatures to USD Skel meshes with time sampled animation. This is a great way to get your animations into Omniverse for use with some of our applications such as Machinima!


We also have included custom options to better transition from Blender armatures to USD Skel and to help maintain a hierarchy between formats. Check out the “Fix Skel Roots” and “Root Prim Path” options for more details.

Highlights below:

  • Support UDIM textures when importing USD Preview Surface shaders.
  • New “Material Name Collision” USD import option, to allow importing materials with duplicate names.
  • Added default values for the “Default Prim Path”, “Root Prim Path” and “Material Prim Path” export options.
  • If the “Root Prim Path” export option is set, the root path won’t be added if a Blender object matching the root name already exists.
  • Now aborting with an error if the root prim, default prim and material prim path export options are not well formed USD paths, to prevent crashes when defining prims.
  • Improved warning and error messages during UMM material conversion.
  • Support importing USD attributes (string, int, float and vector types) as Blender custom properties.
  • Property export improvements: support exporting vector types; provide options for setting the attribute namespace.
  • Enable operator presets UI for USD import and export.
  • Armature export improvements: fixed bugs causing skeleton bindings to fail; warning if the skinned prim and skeleton are not under a common SkelRoot; new “Fix Skel Root” experimental option to automatically correct invalid SkelRoot hierarchies.
  • Importing existing USD Preview Surface shaders as a fallback if importing MDL is selected as an option but the material has no MDL shaders.
  • Fixed bug preventing packed textures from being exported when exporting USD Preview Surface shaders.
  • Fixed bug preventing USD Preview Surface textures from being imported in some cases.

This is great, thanks Dane!
I think the first thing I try is to animate the CC characters hair!

Right, VanillaLake ?

So I export an animated CC character from iClone as USD with iClone connector and import it then to Blender 3.1.0
Now what tool should I use to animate the hair with wind?
All that google gives to me is projects with a hair generated with blender hair tools…


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