Blender 3.2.0 alpha on Launcher!

Hey everyone!

We have a new version of Blender up on the launcher. This is based on Blender 3.2 alpha and includes many bug fixes and several improvements for the USD import and export pipeline!


Highlights below:

  • New Overwrite Textures USD export option to allow overwriting existing files when exporting textures.
  • When the Convert uv to st export option is enabled, the active uv map will be renamed st. This can help address the issue where the wrong uv set is assigned in Create when there are multiple uv sets. Resolved Community Bug: UV not transferring to USD correctly
  • Read all color attributes on USD import. Previously only the displayColor primvar was imported.
  • Color and normal inputs of exported USDs are now of type color3f and normal3f, respectively.
  • Added support for handling clearcoat and clearcoatRoughness USD Preview Surface shader inputs on USD export.
  • By default we now enable the Convert uv to st USD export option.
  • By default we now enable reading color attributes.
  • By default we now set the USD Preview Surface emissiveColor input on USD export.

Release Notes

We appreciate the Community feedback and we are working on having more improvements and fixes coming up in the next release.

Thank you!


Thank you! I would like Blender to work with Omniverse Farm too!

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Hi. Does this omniverse USD plugin comes with the default Blender 3.2 instalation? I can’t find it

No I think you will have to use this custom branch.

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@renatomfarias00 Omniverse Alpha Blender 3.2 is a full installation of Blender 3.2 and not a plug-in. It is based on the Blender Foundation USD Experimental branch (which NVIDIA contributes) and our Omniverse build on the launcher includes the Omniverse panel for specialized USD Import and Export operations for the Omniverse Platform.

I this version “required” to work with Omniverse ?

Our goal is to eventually move to a proper Blender Connector, but having this Omniverse-compatible Blender install allows users to have solid import/export capabilities with Omniverse.