Blender 3.6.0 Alpha v200.1 Released on Launcher

We are pleased to announce that the latest Blender Alpha release is now available on the Omniverse Launcher. This is a minor update, with bug fixes and improvements to the Omniverse add-ons.


  • Connector add-on: Open connections from Omniverse URI. One can now enter any Omniverse URI in the Open Connection dialog to specify a server. (OM-88257)


  • Connector add-on: Display connection status message in the Connections panel. This will allow connection error messages to be displayed more prominently to the user. (OM-88410)

Bug Fixes:

  • UMM add-on: Fix issues on Import with OmniPBR subidentifier. This addresses errors importing MDL materials in USDs exported from other DCCs, such as 3ds Max. (OM-87548)

  • Optimizer add-on: Handle spaces in export paths. (OM-87823)

  • Optimizer add-on: Warn if scene hasn’t been saved before exporting. (OM-92517)

  • Optimizer add-on: Fix invalid OMNI_OT_progress operator error. (OM-92523)

  • Optimizer add-on: Error exporting when generating bounding mesh. (OM-92723)

  • Connector add-on: Remove unnecessary undo options. (OM-89410)

  • Connector add-on: Ensure the file name has an extension. If a file name without an extension is entered in the import or export file dialogs, the ‘.usd’ extension will be added automatically. (OM-89036)

  • Connector add-on: Fix checkpoint syntax bugs. (OM-89574)

  • Audio2Face add-on: Fix ImagePreviewCollection exception on startup. (OM-90163)

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