Blender 4.2.0 Alpha v202.0 Released on the Launcher

We are excited to announce that the latest Blender Alpha with enhanced USD support is now on the Omniverse Launcher! A new feature in this release is support for importing static USD point instances, such as the buildings in the “City Set” sample asset (available from the OpenUSD downloads page):

(Importing animated point instances and exporting point instances are features currently under development which will be available in a future release.)

Additional changes include:

  • Improvements in MDL and UsdPreviewSurface material IO
  • Support for automatically exporting names with non-ASCII characters as USD “display names”
  • Optionally author subdivision schema on export
  • Support user-defined custom Python callbacks to modify the USD stage on import

Please see the release notes for a complete list of updates, improvements and bug fixes in this version.

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