Importing MDL materials from Omniverse USD Composer to Blender 4.0.0-usd.201.1

By using the USD import menu in Blender, not all MDL materials are imported…and those imported (attached to an object) don’t look like as expected…
When trying to bake, I received error message…
I though that the UMM2 in Blender was resolving the MDL import/export issues?
Thanks for your help

Hi @romuald.josien. You should get errors or warnings in Blender if UMM2 can’t convert a given MDL. Do you get any such messages? (You can find these in the console or the Info panel.)

Indeed I got this meesage: "UMM2: “/World/Looks/Cast_Metal_Silver_Vein” material has shader types that could not be converted to Blender shaders: [Cast_Metal_Silver_Vein]
Yet under Omniverse Composer I can see that this shader is Omni PBR that I though be suported by UMM2 ?
How can I identified the supported shader?

also in my scene I have a second object with another shader Omni PBR…on Blender this second object doesn’t have any material attached to it…

Hi @romuald.josien. My apologies for the delayed reply. Thanks for the additional information. I will investigate and will get back to you.

Hi @romuald.josien, sorry for my late reply, @makowalski pointed me towards this post.

In some cases there are shaders that are structured like an OmniPBR but don’t quite have all the same identifying features as a standard OmniPBR. If you look in USD Composer do the shaders that aren’t converting correctly have their info attributes structured like this?

If the mdl:sourceAsset:subIdentifier attribute isn’t explicitly set to OmniPBR this can be tricky for UMM to determine the concrete shader type, which is a case I’ve seen before.

Are you able to share your Usd file at all? If so I can diagnose your problem fairly quickly.