Blender 3.6.0 omniverse USD export problem

Hello, I just updated to latest Blender 3.6 alpha USD branch

See what happens when I try to export USD:

I just get empty folder, no matter where I export - localhost or just a local folder.

The error message is:

Here are my fresh Omniverse Logs, the full folder: (94.7 MB)

And here is the Blender logs: (147.3 KB)

Please help if you can…

Hi Pekka!

Quick questions: What version of Windows are you on, and what is the default language on your desktop?

Also, if you add a .usd extension to the file name, does it still crash for you?


Language english:

Hey, thats it!

If I add *.usd to file name in export, all works!

@pekka.varis Thanks for confirming that the workaround works. I am looking into the root cause of the error you are getting and will provide a fix.

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The USD spec provides several formats, from binary to readable plain text, which you designate via the file extension given.

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