Texture Streaming and opacity issues in Create 2022.1.1

Hi Omniverse team,

Recently notice this texture streaming and opacity issues with textures in Create 2022.1.1 version, it seems that texture streaming is kind of not working or not working well when compare with Create 2021 version. The textures display is always very very blurry even when zoom up close, the only way to get good textures is to turn texture streaming off, while create 2021 texture streaming is working very well.

Second issue is regarding the use of opacity textures when using the path tracer renderer in Create 2022.1.1, when zoom in somewhat closer to object, the path tracer renderer shows obvious black opacity map artifacts while the Iray and real time renderer do not. I retest the same issue using Create 2021 path tracer renderer and it also does show minor black opacity map artifacts but only when zoom in extremely close to object.

I was testing some leafs assets with opacity map for the opacity issue and for the texture streaming issue is very apparent for texture with texts . Thank you.

Hello @DavidDPD! I asked the the development team for more help. They may need some additional information from you to help troubleshoot this problem.

Do you have any screenshots or videos of the artifacts?
What Operating System are you using?
What is your GPU(s) / GPU driver version?

If you can clarify the repro steps to get the texture streaming issue, I might be able to confirm that this issue will be fixed in the next Create version.

For the opacity issue, do you have screenshots?
Thank you

Hi Philippe,

Apparently I was wrong on further testing on the texture streaming part, it was worse on create 2021. One thing I notice is that if I take that Screen texture and apply it to a plane object then suddenly texture streaming works on both the original screen and the new plane.

Attaching Screenshots and project files for your testing.

Texture Streaming and opacity bug.zip (12.5 MB)

Hi @PhilippeR ,

Another opacity issue I encountered in Create 2022.1.2, RTX real time is working but path-trace is not working.

Hello @DavidDPD
What is the image’s file format?
And what driver do you have installed?
Are you using a custom material or OmniPBR or OmniSurface?
Thank you

Hi @PhilippeR ,

Image file format I have used is both Jpg and Png and both showing the same opacity artifact on path tracer.
Currently on Quadro desktop and notebook driver release 510 , version 512.59 release date 04/26/2022.
Just using omniPBR for material.

Could you export the mdl and attach it here?
Also if you could export your render settings; in render settings, in the top right, click the button, save settings.
It could help me isolate the issue.
Thank you
Edit: FYI we have identified a similar issue, I’m collecting more info, but would still be nice to get the above as I could verify if it is the same issue.