Create 2021.3 Beta Now Available

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that Create 2021.3 is now in beta and available in the launcher.

2021.3 beta has a significant amount of new features and enhancements and over the next few weeks we will be providing regular updates in a push to get to a stable release in late August.

Please join us in the bug hunt to help stabilize this release for production use.

What’s new in 2021.3?

Material Graph Editor

New with 2021.3 is a USDshade graph editor for MDL materials. Now you can create custom materials easily and store them in USD.

Support for Version Control through Create and updated Nucleus

Now you can save checkpoints for your files at the URL level to any asset to have deep level version control. Download, Upload, Reference and Restore.

USDZ File Support with materials and textures

Now you can load USDZ files directly with materials and texture support


A new sequencer has been added to allow users to assemble animations through clips, camera shots and even audio to generate movies and cinematics.

Texture Streaming

You now have the option in render settings to enable texture streaming for reduced memory footprint.

Dynamic Instancing

Instance counts have been increased and are dynamically allocated for increased scene scales.

Particle System Preview

A preview of a new Particle System based on Omnigraph is available to try. You can assemble new particle systems through a graph based approach UI for complete flexibility.

Point Clouds

Its now also possible to import e57 point clouds from the file\import and view them directly in the viewport.

Eco mode

With eco mode, users can set the viewport to stop rendering after no interactivity, greatly reducing the load on the GPU, great for energy saving and laptops.

OmniSurface Materials

New OmniSurface materials based on StandardSurface spec allows you to easily create amazing looks with easy to use parameters

Paint Scattering

A new paint scattering system is in place where you can now easily pick assets and randomly scatter them about using a paint brush. The paint system is a generic system that can allow many other types of brushes as well.

Sky, Materials, Asset, Texture, Sample Browsers

A new set of windows were added to allow easy browsing of assets, textures, materials, samples and more. It’s also easily extendable and customizable.

Material Window

A new Material window allows you to quickly and easily browse libraries of materials, see what is in the new and even edit properties quickly.

Quick Search and Skills

Quick search enables user to quickly search for anything with the app, including connected libraries and more. When you find what your looking for, it can have skills of what to do, like how to apply a material or drag and drop into the scene. Its a highly extensible system and can even be connected to AI.

And much more,

You can see the updated roadmap here
Check out the docs here for more information