Omniverse Create 2021.1 Released

Omniverse Create 2021.1 has been released!

Full release notes are here

High Level Features

Zero Gravity Placement Mode (Preview)
Zero gravity mode is now available in preview. You must enable it in the extension manager.

Now you can use Physics to place, move and drop objects with ease without setting up complex physics setups.

CloudXR (Android)
Cloud XR for Android is now available. Soon ios will also be available (mid April)

Web Streaming
Now you can easily setup streaming to a remote computer from your workstation or laptop.

Render Management (Preview)

Create now includes tools to setup rendering agents and submit rendering jobs across multiple workstations.

In the future we will expand this for scaling across nodes.

Remote Extension Repo
We now include a remote extension repo, this allows NVIDIA to update and add extension remotely for users, like new features.

Material Search
When picking a material, you can now search for materials within your scene.

MutiMonitor Support
You can now right click over tabs and set for multimonitor and move to another screen.
Temporary limitation is drag and drop from content browser.

Saving \ Loading Layouts
You can now save and load window layouts, save your own workspace.


FBX \ OBJ Export
You can now export scenes back out to FBX or OBJ


Render Settings Saving
You can now save and load rendering settings across scenes.

Character Controller
Lets you setup 3rd person character controller for walkthroughs