Create 2022.1.3 is live!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just released an update to Create 2022.1 and this release will also show up in the enterprise launcher. This release was focused on stabilizing 2022.1 and spot fixing community requests. We’re still planning an additional bug fix release for 2022.1, so please keep the reports coming.

Some highlights:

  • Continued work on stability and crash fixes.
  • Kit Recorder re-enabled (available in extension list)
  • Many bug fixes to Omnigraph based on feedback
  • USD prim update w/ Tablet AR (now you can use the omniverse remote app for a camera and record the result, tutorial in progress!)
  • Many improvements to extension quality.

Release notes should be available here with individual extension notes here:

While you’re at it, check out our latest short film using kit, create, and machinima!

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