Create 2022.1 is out

Hello @matstegner! The new version of Create will be out later today! We will post an announcement on the forums when it is available!


Hi Wendy,
Looking forward to test it out tonight! Thank you for this info.

A quick question regarding ‘connectors’. Any future plans to release a connector to DAZ Studio (DAZ3D)? Thanks.

Is CloudXR missing in this version?

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Did the Tablet AR function get removed from Create?

Hi there,

Thanks for pointing that out! Unfortunately that got missed in the beta build process somehow unintentionally. We’ll make sure to have it back on by default for the next beta version. The team is actively working on that right now.

If you see anything else odd, please let us know!

I put a post with the release notes and features, but here’s a quick link too:
Release Notes — Omniverse Create documentation (

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