Create 2022.1.2 Beta Now Available!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just released an update to Create 2022.1. We’ve spent the last few weeks fixing as many bugs and issues as we can and we cannot thank the community enough for all of their reports! With this beta we’ve fixed over 300 issues and addressed a few missing extensions that were not in the first beta.

Please jump in and give it a try and let us know in the forums what we can do to improve for our next 2022.1 release!

A few big highlights:

  • HUGE improvement in launch time. We’ve increase launch time from ~58 seconds to ~17 seconds on our benchmark machine.
  • Tablet AR extension is back in the extension list, this allows for the use of the Omniverse XR Remote application on IOS to stream your scene to your tablet.
  • NVIDIA created Assets are back in their own tab. Our partner content from Turbosquid, Sketchfab, and Reallusion Actorcore are still in the Asset Store tab.
  • Many improvements to extension quality.

Release notes should be available here with individual extension notes:

Make sure to check out some images from the Ramen Shop made in Omniverse Create!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next update!