Omnisphere Create crashes when loading scenes, and rendering performance is lackluster

Hey, I’ve been having problems with Omnisphere Create, namely opening any of the sample scenes, and switching rendering modes between path-tracing and Iray. It tends to be fine at first, but when loading the textures it eventually crashes. I have no idea why it’s being so stubourn, but also performance seems quite lackluster considering that I’m using a laptop with RTX 3060 and Ryzen 7 5800H. Both path tracing and ray tracing are very slow when moving around the scene (I’m talking like a frame rendered every 4 seconds) even on very basic scenes. I’ve had no issues with more complex scenes in Blender Cycles as well as marmoset toolbag, so not sure what’s going on. Running Nvidia Studio driver 516.94, Windows 10 Pro 21H2 - also attached the log file from Omniverse Create. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this seems like a very powerful tool for rendering, but it’s a shame I’m having these issues. On top of this, I’m trying to import an .fbx file with embeded textures, but it just gets stuck at 0% and then crashes eventually
Above is linked the log files for the crashes as well as the .fbx of the model I’m trying to import which cause one of the crashes.

Hello @Jamie03! I took a look at your log files and it looks like you are running out of VRAM. I am seeing several occurrences of the same error “Insufficient VRAM, skipping TextureLoader post-processing”.

Create’s minimum requirement is an GeForce RTX 3070. The reason is because the RTX 3070 has a huge difference in the number of its CUDA Cores (which amount to 5888, surpassing the RTX 3060’s 3584 by a huge margin) which are needed to render your materials in Omniverse.

I wish I had a solution for you other than you need an GPU upgrade, but there is hope! We will be releasing Omniverse Cloud very soon. This will allow you to access Omniverse from any device, anywhere! Here is a link for more information on that: Omniverse Cloud Platform | NVIDIA

Awh that’s a shame. I’m surprised to be honest because rendering scenes in blender cycles is no issue, oh well. No way I’d be able to upgrade my laptop graphics card then.