Omniverse Create Crash on Ubuntu

I encounter a crash in Omniverse Create app installed in Ubuntu 22.
My computer is dualbot with Windows, with Windows 11 I don’t have encounter this problem and work pretty fine.
When I launch Create with Ubuntu, this happen every 2/5 minutes and the window close by itself.

Thank you for the help.

Véronique H.

Hello, Can you send us any log files ? Have you tried doing different workflows on these repeated crashes, Does it happen when loading the samples or only when creating /adding new content? Any additional detail can help us find the issue.

Hello, here is the log folder. (821.5 KB)
It happend when I try to click on the DomeLight with a texture (.exr) mostly when I activate Pixar Storm.
On other RTX- RealTime/Interactive/Accurate the window stay black with “RTX Loading” and and with a warning in yellow (bottom left)" Failed to create Hydra Engine for viewport !"

Is the problem with my computer might do not support the requirement ? I am using an hp zBook G5 computer
Graphics card : NVIDIA Corporation GP107GLM [Quadro P1000 Mobile]

Hi Veronique,
Thank you for your post and inquiry. The strange thing is that, your card, the P1000 is way below the requirements for the software, so we are not sure how you are even getting it to work at all. CREATE requires at least an RTX 3070. At least.