CREATE crash / shutdown

Hello guys,
i’ve jumped into Omniverse and learning Create a little bit, i exported some ( heavy ) scenes from Blender to test it, unfortunately while rendering with pathtracing i hear my cards revving up a lot till “it’s too much” and my machine shuts down completely.
I’m on Windows 10 with 2 Geforce 3090 RTX (Ryzen Threadripper 24core) and latest Nvidia Studio drivers.
Hope you can give me some hints to make it more stable.


Hello @marcoiozzi76! Welcome to the community! I have notified the Rendering team about your system crash issue.

Are you able to retrieve any logs from your system crash?

  • Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hi Wendy,
mmh not anymore… i’ll see if it crashes again i’ll send it to you,
does it have a particular name as in the Logs folder i see many different files.

In general though i’d like to know if there’s something i have to pay attention to or set, inside Create or at Operating System level, so that the 2 cards do not
get too hot and eventually shut all the system down.

thanks !


marco iozzi
concept artist / illustrator