I cant get my viewport to work, tried the single gpu didnt work crashes. My laptop meets all requirements and my pc only doesnt meet the cpu requirements. Anyone has the issue or know a solution?

What if you try the latest Nvidia studio drivers for your GPU?

Hi @edorseey03 , Thanks for the post and your interest in the omniverse post,
Hi @pekka.varis , Thanks for your reply, and it is indeed a valid point to check, much appreciated

In order to understand the cause of the crash, I may need further information, so that I can check further and get guidance with other internal teams

Please provide the following information

  1. Logs
  2. Operating system and hardware specifications

In windows you can get the logs from the below path,
C:\Users\ [YOUR USERNAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

Alternatively you can open this folder from omniverse by following the steps below

  1. Open Omniverse Launcher, Click on the profile icon (top right) → click Settings
  3. Compress all the files and folder present and share the compressed file here in this post

In windows to get the Operating System information,

Type winver in the search box → run winver → and share the information back in this post

To get the information about the graphics card and its drivers

type cmd in your windows search bar → open Command Prompt → type nvidia-smi and press enter → share the information back in this post

Nope that didn’t work

Windows 10, gpu- GeForce gtx 1050, i7-8750h cpu (93.0 KB)

Hi @edorseey03 , Thanks for sharing the logs and the system specifications and your interest in Omniverse Create, Unfortunately currently at the moment GTX 1050 is not supported, Omniverse Creates needs at least an RTX based Graphics Card for the rendering, Please find the requirements details in the below link