Black out and crashing after running Omniverse create for a while (RTX 3080)


Been testing Omniverse Create on a dell Precision 3650 intel i9-11900,3080RTX,64GB ram system. All was fine as I was just testing primitives until I started testing bigger projects (See Attached), this project would run for just a little while before my screen would start flickering then total blackout (seems like a gpu crash, need a total restart). I was using the latest Geforce Driver and currently tested the Studio driver, the issues persisted and also happen in Omniverse view. Is this due to hardware or software issues , anyone encounter similar problems and any remedy for this, pls help ! (This project was imported from SKP fyi) (69.2 MB)

Hello @user121410! I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing a crash! I have forwarded this over to the dev team to take a look.

Can you tell me your Operating System and what driver your GPU is using?
Also, it would help if you can attach any logs found here:
Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Ok found the cause to be a hardware issue, work com GPU is overheating. Tested the same project at my own PC which is running RYZEN 5800X and 3080TI and working fine , the UI and movement does get sluggish and RAM usage is pretty high after using for a little while.

Hi @user121410! Do you happen to know what the temp of your GPU was at when the crash occurred?

NVIDIA GPUs are designed to operate reliably up to their maximum specified operating temperature. This maximum temperature varies by GPU. For the RTX3080, the max temp is 93 degrees Celsius.

If a GPU hits the maximum temperature, the driver will throttle down performance to attempt to bring temperature back underneath the maximum specification. If the GPU temperature continues to increase despite the performance throttling, the GPU will shutdown the system to prevent damage to the graphics card.

If a GPU is hitting the maximum temperature, improved system cooling via an added system fan in the PC can help to reduce temperatures.

Hi Wendy,

Temp from the windows task manager show maximum of 74-75 degrees Celsius, but am very sure it was the Vram of the GPU causing such crashes. Don’t have anyway to check that on the work PC, but thanks .