Materials not loading

When creating new projects, or opening .usd files from Blender, I’m unable to assign full textures from the Materials Library. I get the error message “Requesting texture to use texture streaming, but the service isn’t available. The texture will be created as a regular resource.” I get an albedo color, and that’s it.

It had been working fine, I don’t know what changed–maybe the new version of Create (2021.3.2), but even when I have uninstalled EVERYTHING and re-installed, I end up with the same issue regardless of versions.

I’m running Windows10 Pro, I have a RTX 2080 Super with Max-Q design, running driver version 471.96.kit_20210908_101546.log (337.6 KB) (13.3 MB)
kitchen_metric.usd (13.9 KB)

Hi Dakben,
I’ll pass this along to the devs. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

Hi @dakben
Your model does not have UVs. In this case you need to use turn on “Enable Projected UVW Coordniates” and chose either WorldSpace or ObjectSpace.

The texture streaming message itself is not an error but a warning and not related to your texture reading issue.

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