Create and View stuck when open an USD file


My Omniverse works fine when using Create with version 2021.3.8.
After I update Create to 2022.1.2, I can not open any USD file.
The windows will stucks like below with no response.

The version 2021.3.8 works fine on the same platform

My Microsoft Windows Version Windows 10 Pro.
Graphic Card: NVIDIA RTX A5000 - driver version: 462.96
Omniverse Enterprise launcher 1.5.2
Create version 2021.2.5

Hello @frank_liu! Can you provide us with a copy of your logs found here:

Graphic Card: NVIDIA RTX A5000 - driver version: 462.96

Your display driver is not matching current requirements anymore. See this doc at the top:

Please update your display drivers to either one of the R470 (recommended) or R510 branch releases.

Hello @WendyGram and @droettger ,

I think the problem is solved after reinstalling the driver to version 512.78.
Thank you very much for help.

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