Failed to launch older version of Create except 2022.3 on ubuntu


I would like to try the modulus extension. Since now it is only supported linux so I created an ubuntu environment on vm.
And I install the Omniverse Create and the driver but can only launch the latest version of Create 2022.3. SInce Modulus is only avaliable on 2022.2.0 or older version. I tired all the avaliable drivers but still doesnt work (nvidia-driver-470/510/515/520).
Please help.

Hello @kahlam! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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Hi @kahlam

Yes, the current release of the extension is for 2022.2. An option for newer versions of create is to manually install it by downloading the zip file and then using the “import extension” feature in the extension manager.

There’s some info on this process in the bottom of the install section of the docs.