Launch create on POP OS linux

Hi - current POP OS is using nvidia driver 460.56

  • which is not the one currently supported by the omniverse linux beta - is this why create will not launch?

Hope this will change soon


Hi Neil, that is likely to be one reason that it’s not working.

Here’s something you can try:

  1. Find the shell script that actually launches Create (You can find the root directory by looking at “Settings” under the “burger menu” to the right of the Launch/Install button on the launcher). Inside that there should be a directory structure like _build/linux-x86_64/release, and inside a script called
  2. run that script from a shell and append the argument --/rtx/verifyDriverVersion/enabled=false

This will skip driver verification, but will try and load Create anyway. You may encounter bugs/crashes/instability with an unsupported driver, but at least it will help us understand if that is the only problem.


Hi Eoin

That worked! I can run it - and yes its slow a bit… but works.

Great, does that mean as its developed hopefully I can just eventually see the nvidia drivers align…and then I can run it from the launcher… I see that POP OS linux is using the latest nvidia drivers for Linux… currently.

Thank you for the help


Hi Neil,
yes - we update supported driver versions fairly regularly…

Excellent - thankyou