Omniverse Create fails to launch on Linux


I am using Omniverse for Linux (I have Ubuntu) and I could not launch Create from the Launcher as it would remain idle in the splash screen forever.
Log: log_from_launcher.log (7.8 MB)

Then, after looking for similar issues in the forum, I might have found out that it was because of a conflicting non-RTX GPU (I have in fact 2 GPUs: [0] Quadro P6000 and [1] TITAN RTX). Therefore I tried to launch the singleGPU version from the installation folder ( This time Create started up correctly but for some reason it only detected the Quadro P6000 GPU, instead of the RTX GPU, therefore making it impossible to use cause not supported
Log: log_from_singleGPU.log (408.0 KB)

Is there a way to tell Ominverse Create to use the GPU with ID 1 (TITAN RTX) instead of the Quadro?

I also attach here the nvidia-smi information: gpu.txt (1.2 KB)

Thank you so much for your help.


Hello @user22379! I informed the linux team about your issue. We should hear back soon!

Linux Vulkan driver cannot detect or enumerate multiple GPUs on X-server versions older than

Please perform the steps in Q2, Q3 and Q7 in the following Linux troubleshooting doc:

Basically, update X-org, connect display to RTX GPU, setting busid of that GPU for Linux and reboot.
Once all the steps are performed, you should see both GPUs in the GPU table of kit .log file at startup.

Note that warnings and errors in the log you provided are mentioning the reasons for the failure and the incompatible xorg version you have installed.