Blurry texture during PLAY (OpenPBR Time Sample Editor)

Hi, I am trying to add image sequence via OpenPBR Time Sample Editor. In static view the image is nice and sharp. But during the timeline play its blurry and like "low resolution. Can you advice me where to fix this?

This is how the STATIC looks like:

It may be doing this becasuse it still needs to fully cache before playing. So one image is good, but not all of them yet. You can try to go through frame by frame with the playhead and make sure each image is fully cached. You can also turn off texture streaming as well. See below


I tried both but same behaviour. But thank you for you suggestion.

OK let me try to ask a materials expert. One more question… does each frame look sharp when you go to that frame? So, in other words, it’s not just the first frame that sharp on pause, it’s any frame looks good when not playing the animation, correct?

As luck would have it we actually have a new version out as of yesterday. 2024.2.4. This has a specific fixing for animated textures. Can you download this version and try your scene with this and let me know.

I just see COMPOSER 2023.2.5 release from 15.3.2024. I will check this release.
Downloading enterprise version there: Omniverse Launcher - Exchange

Glad to hear