Video texture with opacity!

Hello people!

Please do not freak out about this Retroverse content, I cannot join the comptetition with this scene. I haven´t modelled a singe object in this room :P

I just play with the assets and the idea of making animated texture with OPACITY.

So here it is, rendered in Omniverse:

Here it is in use, inside a Jar from Marbles assets:

How do you think?
That pumping playback is something new, I do not know why it appeared - it´s the same img seq in use.
Looks like it has rendered multiple times every frame that are “on pause” in this video…

My main concers is about the blurry appearance of my animated texture behind the jar glass.

Here you see a render withour JAR and test pattern:

Same test here with JAR - it´s totally blurred out:

What are my tools (with Marbles Jar as a starting point ) to effect the “blurrines” of a object inside the Jar? I hate to loose all the hard work I have done with fakes liquid video texture…

It the end I shall shot a custom liquid video and make a video texture with opacity in this scene:


Looking good :), love a Coke now and then.

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