Soda Fluid simulation?

I am about to buy this model:

It´s a blender model.
What option I have now with current Omniverse, the make liquid inside it and let the liquid run out when bottle is upside down.
If there is not any - then I just have to make animated texture inside the bottle and fake it… Does the animated texture support aplha channel?

why not using flow? it is supported in omniverse.

Wow yes!
SO hey where are the tutorials of defining flow inside a shape, like this bottle?

I see only these in FLOW presets:

Also there is nothing about liquids on manual…

Wow, that looks really cool! I want to learn how to do that too!!! I just started programming and in the future I want to learn web design, I want to create my own websites , oh and also games, eh, it’s so hard

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Welcome to the Community @Emiliaroof and @krishareys!

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