How to create liquid simulation with NVIDIA Flow?

Hi there! I’ve been trying to create liquid in Create, but I’m a bit lost. I’ve been trying to make it by modifying a Flow smoke preset, but obviously, that hasn’t gotten me very far lol. Is there another route I should be taking? Could anyone give me a breakdown of how to get a water emitter going? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I haven’t figured it out yet. Have you looked at the Hand Pouring water sample? It is kind of close to what you want.

Windows - Simulation - Demo Scenes, then look for Hand Pouring Water.

I replied to this so I get notified when someone explains the way to build that, other than just using spheres is what it looks like.

Hello @ahoy2 & @DataJuggler! I am asking the team to make some water tutorials! Have you looked at this information yet?

I have read all the above tutorials, but I still can’t successfully simulate the effect of water flow and water surface ripples.

I’ve also been looking into this but I’ve been discouraged. I guess we’ll have to keep trying and wait from some user created tutorials! I’d really like to learn how to simulate in create and export the baked simulations. For the moment EmberGen seems the more user friendly option