How to create liquid simulation with NVIDIA Flow?

Hi there! I’ve been trying to create liquid in Create, but I’m a bit lost. I’ve been trying to make it by modifying a Flow smoke preset, but obviously, that hasn’t gotten me very far lol. Is there another route I should be taking? Could anyone give me a breakdown of how to get a water emitter going? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I haven’t figured it out yet. Have you looked at the Hand Pouring water sample? It is kind of close to what you want.

Windows - Simulation - Demo Scenes, then look for Hand Pouring Water.

I replied to this so I get notified when someone explains the way to build that, other than just using spheres is what it looks like.

Hello @ahoy2 & @DataJuggler! I am asking the team to make some water tutorials! Have you looked at this information yet?