Create water with dynamics for underwater robots

I’ve gone through the tutorials on how to create liquid-like objects through ParticleSystem and, while the results are great, I’m not sure if that’s the way of creating an ocean/pool-like environment where an underwater robot could be driven in. Mainly because it does not seem possible to create big amounts of “water”, and from my tests, it usually ends up disappearing through the ground after some seconds (of course having collision on it).

Is there a specific configuration for the particle system I’m not seeing? Is it even possible?

Is there any demo for that?

Thanks in advance

@christianbarcelo i am just another user, but i don’t think there’s an official demo/sample on that specific scenario. there was another user from the forum seeking to do the same, and sounds like it would require some special setup for sure.

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I am also a user who is interested in this. Has anyone been successful with this and can share steps or resources on how to accomplish this?