How to build an ocean environment for marine robots in issac sim

Hello, I’m a researcher specializing in marine robotics. Recently, we conducted a simulation and visualization experiment involving marine robots using Unreal Engine 5. However, we encountered difficulties when attempting to transition our work to Issac Sim. Specifically, we couldn’t locate adequate support for building marine environments within the platform.

Upon reviewing past discussions concerning underwater robotics, ocean simulation, and fluid dynamics over the past year, it became apparent that Issac Sim doesn’t officially support oceanic environments. Previous users have indicated that implementing such environments would require individual efforts using PhysX.

I’m curious if there have been any recent developments regarding official support for ocean environments within Issac Sim or if any third-party plugins have emerged to address this limitation. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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This is the project we’ve implemented in Unreal Engine. I’m curious if the NVIDIA support team can provide feedback on my issue. Can the demo be realized in Isaac Sim with the current version?

Hi @SurfaceSun,

What are the requirements for the simulation part? Do you need to simulate the boat dynamics with hydrostatic forces and drag?

We would not support that out-of-the-box with PhysX, and yes, you would have to compute the forces and then apply to the boat that can be modeled as a rigid body.

For both the surface simulation and the force computation, Nvidia Warp may be a good solution. See also their ocean simulator: Creating Differentiable Graphics and Physics Simulation in Python with NVIDIA Warp | NVIDIA Technical Blog