ISAAC and unreal engine?


We want to create a virtual environment (similar to Gazebo) to test our decision algorithm for our autonomous robot.

I’ve heard of NV adopted unreal engine for rendering virtual environment.So I am wondering what the relationship is between isaac sdk and unreal engine. Should I use isaac or still unreal engine to create that?


Hi, rosy

The robots in Isaac Sim are tightly coupled to the tools and frameworks in the Isaac SDK, making it possible to easily transfer data as well as algorithms between physical and virtual robots.

Isaac Sim will be available soon.

Isaac Sim is an Unreal engine based tool for testing your autonomous robot in a virtual environment.
Isaac Sim works tightly with Isaac SDK.
Will be available soon

So the sample in is impossible to run until Isaac Sim is available?

Correct, for training you require Isaac Sim, which will be available soon

Thank you for your reply!

What is the minimum system requirement for running ISAAC SIM? Can Jetson Xavier or GTX 1080Ti support that? We have a DGX station, I think DGX station can totally enough for Sim,right?

Isaac Sim runs on a desktop and Xavier is for mobile robots. For Isaac Sim GPU Minimum is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and GPU Recommended is Nvidia Titan XP.Definitely DGX will work.