Isaac Developer Meetup follow-up

Thanks to all who attended our first Isaac developer meetup in August!

First, we’d like to provide you with our contact information, to reach out to if you’re interested in deep diving into Isaac Nova Orin.

Now let’s answer all the Isaac Sim related questions which came up during the session.

Q: How can we get started with Isaac Sim?
The easiest way to get started is by downloading Omniverse, and then the Isaac Sim application through the Omniverse launcher. The instructions are here and system requirements are listed here.
After downloading Isaac Sim, you can check out our introductory tutorials to get started.

Q: Is there a minimum requirement of GPU on operating Gazebo and Isaac Sim simultaneously? Any RTX GPUs are good to go?
A: Isaac Sim requires a minimum of GeForce RTX 2070. With this GPU you should be able to run Gazebo and Isaac Sim simultaneously.

Q: Is Isaac robot agnostic?
A: Isaac is a platform consisting of Isaac Sim, Isaac ROS, and other SDKs. It is agnostic. We have built Isaac to support many types of robots throughout the simulation, development and deployment process.

Q: If I want to develop on Isaac on my own robot, is it possible?
A: Isaac is a platform which includes a set of tools for AI training, robot simulation, development, and deployment. Isaac supports the most common type of robots which are used today. So, yes it is possible to use Isaac for your own robot.

Q: Is Isaac limited to NVIDIA based computers?
A: The robots themselves do not have to be based on NVIDIA hardware. The components of the Isaac platform like Isaac Sim, Isaac ROS, Deepstream, etc. would require NVIDIA computers to function.

Q: What about the Python API?
A: Python APIs are available for both Isaac Sim and Isaac ROS.